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Hi there everyone, I am a newbie in this world of e-commerce. I have always been passionate about starting my own business and last year while randomly looking through alibaba I came across bucket hats and I decided to revolve around that and possible expand later. I ordered samples, took some pictures, some with models and some with plain background. Created a shopify store with pretty decent prices and free 2/3working days shipping. Packaging looks very professional and well done aswell. I live in the uk so the main target audience is UK mainly because delivery anywhere else is way to pricey. At that point, I have my website running and nicely designed, with clean professional pictures and good description. The issue comes with my understanding of ads. My budget isnt that big. And i only knew about fb ads, so I started, got nice text and font, edited pretty well, providing free shipping. I didnt know that fb ads were so complicated. I spent the first £500 like a headless chicken, ran diff ads not using ads manager. I started learning more and more, about diff types of ads and from what I understand so far, I should have a decent broad audience and target users that are most likely to purchase, i connected my fb pixels and managed to set all of that up. I ran ads of £30-50 a day for roughly 2 weeks. At the start the add to cart was really low, maybe 1-2 a day, then everyday it would increase and i made a ad giving a offer of buy 2 get 1 free, and it got me more clicks, I did end up getting about 10 sales in total over those 2 weeks but my overall loss is way higher, what can I do to improve and understand ads more and more. Should I focus on tiktok ads? Thank you

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