Does Shopify really works better than Woocommerce in Fb Ads conversion?

Hi guys,
I have recently started my gaming streetwear store about 4 months back and after getting the product market fit, I'm planning to run ads via some Ad agencies.

So the first agency strictly recommended me to stop everything on woocommerce and move to shopify because they have seen fb ad conversions jumping 2-3X after the switch.

Problem is, I will loose alot of functionality that provides easy user-flow for my target audience and will also lose comfort of custom coding that I can do to my store here in woocommerce. With Shopify it is alot harder and I don't want to spend 9 Bucks a month for every small feature since I'm on a very tight budget.

Is it true that Shopify has better store conversions than Woocommerce?
Don't you think it depends on Store load speed, simple user flow, and a great customer experience instead of the platform we use?

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