Australia sellers – What postal services do you use to ship internationally? (mainly interested in large letter size 2-2.5cm max thickness)

I am moving from UK to Australia next year and I will also move my business and start shipping out from Australia. I am the only person involved in my business so I manage everything including fulfilment.

Most of my items fall within the large letter size, (here in the UK that's max thickness of 2.5cm), I am looking for advice on what you guys have found to be the most economical shipping service for packages this size.

To give context, from the UK I can send a 100g 2.5cm large letter worldwide for £4 (7 AUD), or to Australia for £5.25 (9.25 AUD), I think this is a really good price, and when I compared it to AustraliaPost I found it to be a lot higher to send back to the UK for example.

I sell a good amount of items within the 2-2.5cm range and I know some shipping services classify a large letter as 2cm, which is a little too small for a good chunk of my items. I'd love to know if there are shipping services who offer large letter solutions at 2.5cm

Any advice from australian businesses would be greatly appreciated!

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