Baffling drop in purchase on cart page for nutra product

I've done a lot of DTC products over the years, but the latest product (all natural migraine relief nutra product) I was asked to consult on has honestly tripped me up. It's modeled after a successful product in the market already and has an identical price point.

We launched it with a test flow on FB, and the CTR and CPC we pay is perfect. We get good engagement on the content of each our split test landers, and we have 10-15% of people picking a package and getting to the checkout page.

Then they ghost. Watching recordings of it, they just don't hit submit. I'm tempted to think it's price, but we're not higher than anyone else in the space.

Long shot, but anyone have a similar problem and what was the issue?

I'm currently trying:

– Alt cart page language

– different default packages

– With and without a "deal content timer"

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