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I'm new to this subreddit, and I've seen a couple of people are asking for feedback on their Ecommerce stores, and I've seen some really valuable comments on them. So I guess I'd give it a try and hope for the same result.

We have a branded clothing store called No Sweat Clothing where we sell 100% full blocking sweat proof upper body clothing for men and women. The products are designed and produced by us in collaboration with scientists in nanotechnology and biochemistry. The fabric is manufactured in Japan, and the products are top tier (maybe even the best) in terms of quality. That statement is based on our own product testing against our 8 largest competitors.

I'm the CMO and a performance expert (also teaching digital marketing at a private school here in Norway), so my knowledge within Ecommerce marketing is somewhat high. However we're having problems with our conversion rates.

Platform: Shopify
Add to cart rate: 2,09%
Reached checkout rate: 0,86%
Purchase: 0,28%
(Date: 1.April until 4.May)

Most our traffic has come through Google Ads (Shopping and Search), for the last week we've transferred over to Google Performance Max (which I've seen really good results for with my own marketing clients). Facebook is mostly used for remarketing.

I'm open for any thoughts, recommendations or questions. And don't be nice, be as critical as you possibly can be.

Sorry for the long post, wasn't suppose to be this long, but like to be specific…

Best regards,
Stephan, No Sweat Clothing

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