How to charge POS in a different currency?

Hi everyone!

Does anyone have experience selling in person using a POS card reader outside their country? I'm from Canada and want to sell at a trade show in the USA.

My store is in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and I'm looking for ways I can accept debit/credit card payments in US dollars. It would be odd to sell in the US and charge customers in CAD. They might also be surprised with a foreign exchange fee in their bank account if I do this…

I've asked Shopify Help and they said I can upgrade my plan to have multiple currencies on my website. But still does not solve the foreign exchange fee because Shopify can only connect 1 bank account.

Are there other ways I can go about this without upgrading? I was looking into buying a card reader on Square, Stripe, or Paypal.

I appreciate your help!

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