Could I get an honest review of my first store launch – Hacker Brews Coffee

Hey all, This is my first foray into e-commerce and I'm just getting my footing. I've launched Hacker Brews Coffee to friends and family and the initial reception was good, but I'm having some trouble getting word out beyond that. I figure I can always improve the store, so any tips from an honest review here is greatly appreciated.

What I'm already planning on changing:

  • Update product photos

  • Add a FAQ

  • Update product page with some more "about us" info (going to be a whole theme change for this one)

  • Start blogging

I've been slowly venturing into advertising but not sure how that's going yet. No sales.

  • Google search (tech related topics): 1367 Impressions, 11 clicks, $0.35 CPC.
  • Google Search (coffee related): 351 impressions, 5 clicks, $1.00 CPC (this one is new and still learning)
  • LinkedIn – Too expensive per conversion/click
  • Microsoft – waiting on approval
  • Facebook – ad account banned for stupid reason
  • Twitter – just started running today. 3572 Impressions, 79 clicks, $0.13 CPC, no conversions yet

I'm very low-margin here and my target cost per conversion is somewhere in the $1-2 range, so I'd like to do what I can to make this right.

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