ECommerce automation company – Easy route into ecommerce, or too good to be true?

Hi all! New to this sub but would appreciate any feedback. I’m not sure if any of you have heard of these “ecommerce automation” companies, but I am in talks with one right now to open a store and it seems both interesting but also potentially too good to be true.

Companies like Empire Ecommerce ( and Leveraged Lifestyle ( are selling ecommerce stores on Amazon and Facebook that they say are fully automated for you. They do “ecommerce arbitrage” where essentially they use their software to search for everyday products on Walmart that are being sold for cheaper than they are on Amazon and Facebook. They will then buy it from WalMart and sell it through your store at a marginally higher price on your store.

They have built the software but claim they can’t build out the stores themselves because they need to make multiple stores, and would need multiples lines of credit. So instead they ask you upfront for $25k or $40k and then share in a 60/40 split of gross profits. All the day to day of the store, shipping, returns, reviews, are handled by them directly.

They do have multiple customer examples of it working well and I’ve been talking in depth with someone from the company. They say it really is hands off minus the upfront investment for “overhead” and to essentially buy into their software platform. Claim you can make $2k-$3k profit per month or more.

This seems very appealing. True passive income where the store should pay for itself after a year. But, as with most things like this, it sounds too good to be true, so I’m skeptical.

Has anyone heard of companies like his that are automatically “arbitraging” consumer goods?

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