Can I have some feedback on my ecommerce site?

Hi r/ecommerce, I'm back with the site fully updated with all of your suggestions.

Site Link: (

Thanks for the helpful feedback on the original post. So many amazing suggestions that allowed me to brainstorm better ways to do things.

Here's what I've added since then:

  • Mobile View Height Scaling Sizing
  • Fixed Index Values for Almost Everything
  • Clicking on Images now bring you to the product page
  • Product page has been reorganized to show vital information first
  • Resized Elements to fit a variety of screen sizes better
  • Slightly Faster Loading Times
  • Optimized Image Quality
  • BIG ONE: Created A Entirely New Customization Suite to Build Your PC from the ground-up
  • Added More Visual Aids

Once again, thank you if you contributed to my last post. If you didn't, well now you have the chance to help me out

Thanks for reading my post.

pls give advice

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