[Europe] IOSS vs OSS: Why am I getting taxed twice?

Hi there guys, I just wanted to reach out to the sub to find out if anyone here is going/has gone through this issue.

Basically, I'm testing the European market for a new ecom store. I have a registered business in Europe and I will be dropshipping in the first 2 months until I find a 3PL in Europe. I have registered my company in the OSS portal on our national "IRS" website (We call it a different name but I will call it IRS, like in the US, for easier understanding). I understand the concept of OSS, simplify the whole VAT process across all EU countries. But now I have started shipping products from China and my sourcing agent said that the carriers are asking for a IOSS number, and they are charging tax on shipping the products from China aswell.

My questions are:

  • Do I have to register an IOSS or OSS?
  • Why am I paying Taxes twice? I have to pay when I ship out of China and I have to pay 19-20% on the act of sale (depending on country)

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

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