Payment splitting between vendors on Stripe?

I’m currently working on implementing payments for a multi vendor marketplace I am working on. Looking at the Stripe Connect documentation. It makes a clear distinction on what Express, Standard and Custom accounts can do and also which type of charge you should use in a specific scenario.

For example, with splits payments, Stripe recommends I should use Separate charges and transfers, however that makes the application liable for Stripe fees, charge backs and refunds. This is not something I am keen on as I would like the vendor to be liable since they will be doing the fulfilment.

Is it possible & recommended to use Direct Charges on split payments? So basically for every vendor line item in a cart make a charge application for it. That way it’s easy to handle refunds etc. Has someone done this before and does it work well in multi vendor marketplaces ? I can’t see a reason why not.

Also will this method work for Vendor subscriptions e.g think of youtube channel member subscriptions?

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