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From 2013-2019 I had a shopify store (2 shops). Most of the revenue came from dropshipping and didn't have any issue until pandemic struck and google was taking down shops left and right (maybe due to the fact pandemic created loss of jobs so people flooding google ads). I took the dropship items off and I believe that was not the reason for the suspension and tried contacting them but during that time there was no answer (no workers there). I abandoned ship and just continued my web design work. That is until recently I thought of reactivating my shop since Shopify retains where you left off and tried checking google merchant center and seems it finally mentioned why:


Fix your account issues

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Account suspended due to policy violation: Misrepresentation
What to do
Show at least one of the following contact methods on your online store: business address, phone number, email, contact form, social media business profile. Also add your business address and phone number on the "Business information" page in Merchant Center.


I believe I didn't add this to my shop earlier and it was about me page which had these information but not really a contact page in the footer (had one in the header). Thinking maybe a bot didn't catch this.

My question is, if google merchant center finally explained what might be the issue above, is this a good indicator that it's an easy fix? I will have to get my shop reviewed. But I'm guessing same scenario might happen and they won't show what the problem is and above is another generic message. But if anyone had same message like me and fixed that and it worked please chime in!

Thank you!

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