How to increase revenue and be more sustainable


This is not a new concept for brands, but is still relatively unknown amongst retailers and e-commerce businesses

I worked for several years as a manager at one of the most efficient Plato’s Closets in the U.S.

Here’s how it works: – offer existing customers the ability to sell back their clothing to you at 10-30% original retail price – ship items to you, clean up if necessary, take new product photos, and list on site at a 30-50% discount

Example: You sell an item for $100 You buy the item for $20 You sell the item for $50

Customer #1 is happy because they get cash or store credit and know that they’re item isn’t going to a landfill and adding to the waste problem

Customer #2 is happy because they know the product is legitimate and they get a great deal

Just a thought. Please let me know if you plan on implementing this or are interested in further details on how this process works.

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