Are you interested in promoting sustainability and increasing your profits? My brother and I got a great deal on warehouse space in Austin and we want to help brands implement resale programs.

Hello all!

Like the title says, my brother and I recently acquired warehouse space in Austin, Texas, and would like to help brands implement a buy back program that will increase profits and promote sustainability.

Would anyone be interested in a service that handles your buy back program from start to finish?

By implementing a resale program you'll profit off transactions you'd normally never be involved in, promote sustainability by diverting items that would be tossed out, and you'd never have to lift a finger.

Resale, or secondhand items, are already a $35 billion dollar industry projected to reach 77 billion by 2025. But for most brands, implementing a complex resale system is too much work, between the buying and receiving and cleaning and product photos and re-listing and shipping…

We want to offer a turn-key solution for brands anywhere in the U.S. to begin offering their customers the opportunity to resell their products, allowing you to reach new customers with confidence because you endorse the program.

We estimate that we can receive and store around 10 brands in this current space, so if you'd like to learn more about how you can grow your business by implementing a resale program please feel free to PM me or comment below, as we will begin filling spots this week.

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