Did anyone experience double-counting for multi-channel marketing?

Just wanted to share some insights on this problem as I’m recently hearing more and more Shopify store owners complaining about it.

I guess the problem arose after all the updates iOS and FB went through, so managing e-com marketing became more complicated, especially if you work with more than one ad channel.
Basically, the issue is that person comes from 1 traffic source but was also exposed to the other one as well, or for example, saw an FB ad and then googled your store or found it through IG.

I know that for keeping a budget in place it’s crucial to understand where exactly your clients came from.
Not sure if I can share the link to the solution here, but we provide one for e-com owners and online marketers. In 2021 we made integration with Shopify, but we also help people with WooCommerce, and to this day e-com owners use us as their universal marketing tool, I believe it means a lot.
Anyways, not to be pitchy, I’ll be glad to share how exactly you can track your ads and attribution more precisely.

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