Conversions down, morale high. CVR Optimization or the product? want to hear your thoughts.

Started working with a client around a month ago, built out a landing page- filmed him ads and now doing the media buying (TikTok Only)

– ads are performing well.


2.5% CTR

$4.00 CPM

$0.20 CPC

Drove around 1300 visitors in the last 5 days from $300 in spend.

Only issue is: conversions are shit

1300 visitors

90 Attributed ATC

6 conversions.

Thought this was decently normal as avg ATC -> purchase rates are around 5%

Thought it was CVR optimization but I noticed something odd.

Looked at lucky orange and went through the converting people steps

(Pre workout company for reference)

Almost every conversion skipped past the “Full chemical breakdown” and went directly to ATC.

Noticed the highest drop rate is found @ the chemical breakdown. Almost 70% leaving there

Which brings my question.

Is it really CVR optimization or the copy in that description? Or I hate to say it- is the client's product just shit?

The website is if anyone wants to take a look and give feedback on the copy or other elements etc.

A little confused on the best next steps to take. Thanks in advance<3

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