shopping cart in html/js

Not sure if that's the right place but I'll try (feel free to redirect me). I am looking for a shopping cart for my website that allows for the following: – add to cart button – view cart – checkout via PayPal (also accepting cards) – allows 2 shipping options, each with different rates – calculation of shipping is done by summing the weight of each item added to cart (so each item must be able to have a weight specified) to a fixed amount of weight (packaging) which varies according to the overall weight of the items added to cart

Api integration for cryptocurrency (i.e.: landing page after pressing "checkout with crypto" that says: your order total is xxx Bitcoin, you have x time to send them) would be nice but not necessary.

Now of course all of this can be done. My question is: can it be done in html/JavaScript or am I dreaming?

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