After multiple sleepless nights all year, I am finally done with my website!

Link to website

After 4 long and stressful months, I’m happy to say my website is finally finished!

I have all the inventory in my room. I hate dropshipping b/c of the way it arrives at the customers house, it looks cheap… It has Chinese written all over it.

I order bulk to my house, I put them in my own jewelry bags and I put stickers and business cards with it. It looks way more professional and legit. Presentation is 🔑

All my jewelry is coated in mineral wax so it does not tarnish or turn skin green.

I have been growing my socials for the last month as well because social proof is 🔑

I ship thru USPS which takes 2-5 days because fast shipping is 🔑

All I have left to do is add product reviews which I will work on later.

Will be running my first instagram ad tomorrow, can’t wait!

Thank you! Lmk what you think

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