Mobile-app wrapper for existing Magento/PrestaShop online shop

I am helping a friend of mine who is creating e-commerce shops for clients using Magento/PrestaShop and WordPress. Now he wants to demonstrate to his clients how a mobile app of their shop could work, which should be published to the app store/play store.

The goal is to have a wrapper (PWA/hybrid/native app) for an existing shop (assume hosted on domain ""). The app should offer 2 additional features along with showing the shop web page: – store the user's credentials for logging into the shop or maintain a session active so that the user doesn't have to login every time when opening the app – receive push notifications over OneSignal

My first approach was to use Flutter and a WebView that shows the shop. However, it requires some hacky way to implicitly do the login on every app start programmatically and store the credentials somehow in the app storage (encrypted). I also tried with a PWA (using Ionic) and including the store within an <iframe>, which also didn't work, because of security reasons. A PWA would sound actually even more appropriate for the use case, as through the service worker it could cache content and store the credentials (!?). However, I don't actually know how to achieve a "webview" behaviour within a PWA.

Does anyone have experience with this and can give some hint?


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