Offering a pre-order option – is this how it works?

Hey all, I've never pre-ordered an item (I'm not a big shopper despite having an ecommerce shop haha) so I'm not entirely sure how the process goes – I'd like to write out what my plan is, and see if you guys have feedback.

I've been out of stock for MONTHS because my products have taken forever to be made in Bali (I sell in Thailand), and I've gotten lots of customers asking when we'll be restocking, so I know there would be interest in pre-ordering. Here is what I intend to do:

In about a week, my producer will tell me that my sarongs are ready to be shipped to Thailand, which will take between 1-1.5 weeks to arrive.

At that time, I'll make a post and message customers privately who've inquired, saying that they can pre-order my sarongs, and once the sarongs arrive, they'll be sent out to them immediately.

The original price for a sarong was 600 baht, but I'm increasing the price to 700 baht. If they pre-order, they will pay 600 baht, so there's a pre-order incentive.

They send the full payment to me + their address. When the sarongs come, I send out all the pre-orders in one day.

The next day, pre-order isn't offered, and all my sarongs are now 700 baht.

Does this sound like the correct process? I'm guessing in the US, there is some kind of guarantee for customers so that if the product isn't delivered, they get their money back.

In Thailand, it's more of a 'trust' system, as generally, customers will transfer money to my account directly, without going through a middle man, just from bank to bank (this is standard practice in Thailand btw). I don't know what kind of guarantee I could offer my customers, although many of them are repeat customers so I think at this point they trust my brand?

Any extra advice, or things I should do differently? Thanks!

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