Streamlining orders from fb messenger to kitchen


I have a cake business and I have difficulty seeing the big picture of the week when I receive new orders.
The problem is the following:
I receive orders, I accept them and I have to make entries, enter the data and I waste time with this administrative task when I could be cooking cakes instead. Also, I have other employees that I'd like to update but we are still using paper and I'd like a sort of online organizer.

The ideal solution would be:
-client places order on FB Messenger
-order appears on my iPad/tablet
-my calendar/database is updated
-if there's no available slot, the order cant pass
-once i'm done, i tick a box that removes it
a bit similar to McDonalds.. you receive the order, its placed in line, you do it, its gone but on a scale of a week

Any piece of advice will help!

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