Not sure what I’m doing wrong with my eco shop I launched my shop Green Skye at the end of January. It is an eco shop which ships only in the UK. So far I have a conversion rate of 1.4% in the last 3 months and 0.93% in the last month and have made 78 sales however only about 9 of these are from complete strangers. The rest are from friends, family, friends of my parents etc.

I have ran a lot of Facebook and Instagram ads with little success, have a mailing list, post on Instagram and occasionally TikTok, I post in quite a few Facebook groups (local and national), tried to find ways to improve my SEO by starting a blog etc and I have expanded my range but I am now kind of at a loss. I’m not sure if I have started a business in a saturated market or if I am doing something else wrong.

I should probably also add that there is currently a cost of living crisis in the UK which probably isn’t helping matters.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks:)

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