Your position on modern JS frameworks

Hi, I am full-stack JS dev, and I am wondering if the solutions I usually code with can already be considered mainstream, or if on the contrary ecommerce developers still rely on older but maybe more mature technologies.

Do some of you use Next.js, Remix, Gatsby or similar edgy fancy frameworks coupled with an headless e-commerce backend?

Do you apply the "Jamstack" principles with static rendering/SSR and other similar optimization?

Or maybe more mature stacks like PHP frameworks (Symfony, Laravel)?

Or good old e-commerce focused CMS (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop etc.)

Or maybe turnkey SaaS solutions?

Or transitioning step by step, waiting some more time to overhaul your website at once?

What's your stance on this question? I guess modern frameworks have an uncertainty cost that make them both interesting and risky at the same time.

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