Any unique hiring processes?

I have a pretty sick process to recruit but it takes me 30 interviews to get 3 candidates and hire one.

I took the slow approach to grow my digital agency – I realised super early that there are some killer talent in the digital marketing world but they’re really hard to find. So I focused less on sales and more on finding this talent. This success led to a lot of referrals so I need to grow my team to keep up but I’m having a hard time growing fast without compromising my hiring process.

We’re now 12 people and I need to hire around 18 before the end of the year.

I would love any tips or tricks you guys have to improve your hiring process. All of our talent is recruited from South America.

This is what it looks like right now:

  1. We reach out to people that already have jobs in good companies through LinkedIn
  2. They fill in a google form with qualifying questions
  3. If they pass the google form test, they get a 10min screening call with our director of ops
  4. They get into a Technical interview with our Director of Marketing Services
  5. They get a 30min culture fit interview with me
  6. They get hired part-time for 30 days
  7. They get a full-time offer

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