do you test your checkout often?

I have to admit I don't. But I know I should. Its a woocommerce website and I dint know how to do test checkouts on PayPal but I know stripe have a dummy card number they provide to do your tests with.

I just realised recently that my first time customer 10% discount code didn't work. I set it up to run max 1 time per customer. But it was max number of 1 use limited coupon. So it only worked once.

I was wondering why none of the customers were using the coupon.

I feel like testing the checkout should be a routine job whenever you make any changes to the site. I don't do it because the store is ne we really offline so I don't want to put it in test mode and it also fudges up my checkout abandonment statistics and I do t want to put fake data through.

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