Best ways to further monetize ecommerce experience?

Not to be that guy, asking probably one of the most common questions on the internet but I am looking for some advice on my current situation.

I have three years experience managing an ecommerce company's Shopify website. It started as a part-time gig after graduating college and to this day still is. I've always had other non-ecommerce income streams but I've never wanted to let the Shopify management go as I am good at it, I enjoy it, and it does not take up much time in my day to day life. The only downside is it's not a great amount of money, but it's definitely enough money to continue doing it.

I was thinking the other day that I now have this skill set that I never really intended on having and that there must be a way to further monetize it. Plus, due to the current economy some of my other income streams are currently pretty dry so I could use the extra income.

I've read up on what I imagine my best options are:

  • Start my own dropshipping store
  • Find other clients to manage their stores
  • Build dropshipping stores and sell them

I am still unsure of what my best option would be which is why I am seeking out all of your advice. I could be wrong but dropshipping seems more risky than consistent, and I would say as of now I could probably only throw around 1.5k-2k towards any new venture. Finding new clients seems appealing but I am not sure where to look for them, aside from sending cold emails to a bunch of businesses.

That's essentially where I am at. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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