Platform for B2B site?

I've been the e-commerce manager for a shop since 2016. We've always run our store on Shopify, because it's a brick and mortar with an online component and we like the ease of use/live inventory sync functionality.

We're taking on a new role of US distributor for some of our vendors, which means we need to set up a B2B site. No need for live inventory syncing with a brick and mortar location since the inventory management would be entirely separate, so we're exploring options other than Shopify. (Which, in fairness, we've been very happy with.) We're setting it up completely separately from our B2C page, since we're a reseller and wouldn't be in a position to wholesale most of the things we sell retail.

What platforms would you recommend? The main caveat is that design and maintenance would need to be done in-house, so some kind of all-in-one SaaS platform would be ideal – we're happy to pay a higher fee for something that's all integrated, but we'd rather avoid thousands/month. So far we've looked into BigCommerce, Magento, and Zoey (if anyone knows what Zoey actually costs, I'd love to know), and we haven't entirely ruled out just using Shopify with a wholesale app, but I'm sure there are other B2B platforms out there that I haven't thought of and would love some insight/opinions.

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