Tiktok Ad Issues (PLEASE HELP)

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to pay off my tiktok ad balance for 2 days now, and every time that i try to, i get a message saying "The payment was unsuccessful due to an abnormality. Please try again later or use another payment method". I've tried everything that the help center suggested to fix the problem. I've tried paying on 5 different search browsers, 3 different devices, 3 different wifi networks, i've reset my cookies 2 times, tried 2 other payment methods, but every time i try to add one it gives me the same message, i've also created a new ad account and pixel and it still gives me the same message when i try to add a payment method. someone please help me. this is screwing my e-commerce business and i really just need to get things going again. i'm at my wits end. i reached out to tiktok support yesterday and the rep said "I already went ahead and escalated this issue to our billing team for more information since you've addressed our standard troubleshooting. I'll be sure to reach back out to you as soon as I receive a response from them!"



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