I created a parcel tracking platform which upsells customers and helps you to generate revenue for a fraction of the cost of PPC ads

For a long time I am a still reader of this sub, I started ecommerce about two years ago and it always bothered me that people would visit my store only when I paid Facebook for displaying my ads. To solve this issue I created my own tracking solution which uses the API feeds of the shipping carriers, and displays my products for free to existing customers.

It displays related products on the order tracking page to upsell customers when they visit it, to check their delivery status. Since many people are impatient and check the tracking pages very often, you get a lot of free traffic you can use to convert them again.

Of course you can also implement your retargeting pixel on the page. And the best thing is, you can select your custom branding and style for the tracking page, to make it a part of your shop. You need to remember, you paid a lot in PPC ads to convert them the first time, so not using any chance you get to convert them another time for free is simply wasted money.

Here you can test it 1 week free: after that its just $9.90 per month for unlimited parcels. Depending on your usual cost per conversion all it takes is a single customer to convert for it to be a net profit for you.

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