Mass Email software suggestions? Things have changed a bit (for the worse) since I did this…

Any suggestions on a SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE mass-emailer? This would be a SHORT-TIME USAGE. (I want to send out a few emails to my existing customer list, then done. This will not be ongoing.) I also need to use my own email / site Domain Name w/o having to code it in.

Years ago I sent out a mass email (only a couple thousand emails at the time) to existing customers on a new business. All you did was plug in the email you wanted it sent from (your own email of course), write up your email in the template field, and done.

Now it's an utter nightmarish hassle.

You apparently have to be a computer programmer just to be able to send from your own email domain name. (Interestingly, if I can verify/prove I own the @ DomainName in question, then why isn't that enough? Why do I have to go in an insert code, etc etc. just to have outgoing emails coming from my domain name?)

Everything else seems overly complicated now, too. "Dedicated IPs," huh? Didn't need those before.

I'm guessing that this is all because in the last number of years, scammers et al, have required these changes to take place.

Anyhow any recommendations?

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