Have any info – looking for a store and shopping cart that allows you to get product info from the distributor and dynamically add it to the store without adding it to inventory…anyone have that kind of experience?

The distributor has a widget and the user can enter what he or she is looking for and the distributor then sends that data – image, title, text, cost for seller, etc – via API. That data needs to go into a store, where customers can shop and buy. And send that data back to the distributor of course.

The issue is that the data is dynamic – products added, deleted, changed, out of stock. So it is not a static product list in other words. I can't just put all the items in inventory and leave them that way with the same details from day-to-day or minute-to-minute. I can't download the entire product database every 3 minutes.

I called shopify tech support and the person I spoke to said they can't do this.

Example: customer enters "red" "sweater" "medium" and the distributor sends that requested data, but only sends items that are in stock, or new, and are not deleted items, etc. So they might send info on 12 medium red sweaters for purchase now. In an hour, there might be 10 different red sweaters to choose from instead, as the distributor might have sold out or deleted the item.

Also, they send the data down with the cost information to me – how much it will cost me. I want to be able to add on 10% or 20% to groups of inventory, or minimum sales price per product, that kind of thing. So when I get the data from the distributor, I have to make the retail price based on those cost prices that I get.

Anyone have this experience, and has a solution?


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