Lots of Add To Carts, No Purchases – TikTok Ads

This is a question i know gets asked in here a billion times but this one is a bit different I promise!

So I've been testing this product with a fully custom landing page and all with tiktok ads over the last week and i get a good amount of ATCs (about 35% rate) and even a good amount of initiate checkouts (about 22% rate) but little to no conversions. So far only have gotten 2 sales.

Now here is where it gets a bit different. I'm not new to ecom so i know that normally in this situation the best thing to do would be to target a different audience. Problem is I'm using Tiktok not Facebook, and the targeting over at the tok sucks. So whenever i run tiktok ads they're always broad with no targeting besides location, language, and age. I did test out targeting interests but the ads performed horribly.

I think this product has great potential to perform well if i can figure out a solution so if anyone has any advice id love to hear it! thanks guys.

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