My Instagram “Shopping from Creators” Strategy using Shoppable Posts

If you haven't been using Shoppable Posts on Instagram, you've been missing out on some easy sales. Shoppable posts make it easy to sell products to your customers on Instagram where they are actually looking for them… In the hashtag search results. For instance, if you sell Yoga Pants, you would definitely want your Shoppable Yoga Pant posts to show up on the hashtag #YogaPants. There are over 250K people an hour searching that hashtag and a huge percentage of them are shopping for Yoga Pants.

Your shoppable post makes it easy for customers to purchase your product without even leaving your post. This minimizes cart attrition and leads to higher conversions at no cost minus what it takes to get your posts ranked at the top of the Hashtag search results (more about that later).

The Problem with Shoppable Posts

In order for this tactic to work, your Shoppable post needs to be ranked at the top of the Hashtag search results where they get the most visibility. Instagram still prioritizes Shoppable posts in the search results so this makes it a little bit easier. But if you have a new Instagram account or low engagement and no account authority, it's going to be a struggle to get your shoppable post ranked.

In order to build account authority for your Instagram account, you need a lot of highly engaged followers. This means they click on your posts, like them, comment and share them. Getting organic engagement from other users with high authority is the key, but how do you achieve this? It's not as hard as you might think.

Growing Account Authority

What I do is run Micro Influencer campaigns where Influencers compete to win a $5,000 spokesperson contest. Influencers earn points for doing things that help my brand grow, create content, syndicate my content and help me reach more people by building account authority on Instagram and other social media platforms. For Instagram, I have them follow me and then start liking, commenting and sharing my Instagram Shoppable posts. When you quantify these actions over thousands of Micro Influencers, you generate really high engagement and all your posts get ranked for whatever hashtags you want.

How do you get Micro Influencers?

This is the tricky part, I run Facebook and Instagram ads to find people interested in my product niche, that are also looking for spokesperson opportunities. I use Lead forms to capture their contact info and then have them sign up for the Spokesperson contest on a landing page. I'm able to acquire new Micro Influencers for about .34 cents each.

Incentivizing Influencers

After completing the sign up process, they are then shown ways they can earn points. The Influencer with the most points at the end of a 3 month campaign wins a $5k reward. Here's what I have them do to promote my products:

  1. Follow my Instagram Account, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube Channel and TikTok account.
  2. Engage with all my content on these platforms by liking, commenting and sharing them
  3. Purchase my product (typically at my cost), create a review video for it and post it to social media
  4. Share my blog posts in social media
  5. Review my products on Amazon (The ones who have purchased them)

When I create a new Shoppable post, I send out a text message with a link to the post and have them immediately like and comment on the post to get it to rank in the hashtag search results right away.

Growth Hacking "Shopping from Creators" feature

Instagram launched a new feature called "Shopping from Creators" that's pretty awesome. For your Micro Influencers with 500 or more followers, you can actually have them switch their account on Instagram to a "Creator" account. You can then add them to your Instagram business account where they can tag your shoppable products in their own posts. Influencers who have purchased your product and have more than 500 followers are perfect for this. They can create a product review post about your product with it in hand and then make it a shoppable post by tagging the product in it. This makes it visible to their followers and also the hashtag search results where this feature is way more likely to get your post ranked at the top of the hashtags related to your niche.

When you quantify this over hundreds of Micro Influencers, your product will literally be everywhere on Instagram and reach a much larger audience.

I hope this short guide helps give you a new and exciting way to drive more sales on Instagram. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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