Payment Options… What matters?

Hi Folks.

I run a little line of apparel to go along with a web site/youtube channel i run. Its not just Merch with my logo or anything, i have a bunch of themed t-shirts with slogans, all my own creations. Folks seem to like them, but I dont seem to get ANY purchases. I am trying to determine what it is Im missing.

First of all, its my own site, not a shopify, or an amazon store front. WordPress with WooCommerce. I've thought about changing that, but honestly, I dont want to extra expense for a shop that isnt getting any sales. Behind woocommerce is Printful, which is an on-demand garment printing place. It feeds products to woocommerce. There are cheaper ways to manage stuff, but not withing holding an inventory, and i do NOT want to deal with that for a site that isnt making many sales. So would changing any of these things perhaps make my shop seem more trustworthy? Or does this all sound like it shouldnt be a big deal?

It does, of course, have an SSL/TLS certificate, but not some high-dollar verisign or something.

The thing I am really curious about though, is payment options. I have it setup to accept payments with paypal, since, again, free. Does that, maybe, deter purchases? Should I look into accepting credit cards? That usually brings expense, which is why I havent done it. Should i?

Otherwise, I'd accept any other suggestions. The site is not trying to promote here, I just want suggestions on how to make this little side business a reality! Thanks!

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