Do I really need a Registered Agent for my LLC if I’m going to have a Virtual business address?

New to registering LLC so any insights are much appreciated.

I’m in California going to start an online business and then leave the country in a few months, so I’ll definitely be paying for a virtual business address that digitalize all my mails for me regardless. If this is the case, do I still need to pay for a Registered Agent so the RA can forward any important mails to me? Can’t the virtual address do exactly that?

I don’t see why I’ll need to pay for two services when I can just pay for the virtual business address. Could someone please enlighten me?

Seems like a virtual address provides all the main things an RA service would do like mail forwarding, not using my actual home address. Not sure if there’s anything else I’m missing out. The only downside(?) is that my name is public in the LLC info instead of an RA is that actually bad?

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