How do you get VAT returns when selling to Germany on Amazon?

We run a business in Australia and through Amazon, we ship our products to customers in Germany. We fulfil our own orders, not Fulfilment-By-Amazon.

Having been led by Amazon to believe that we would have received a VAT return from these exports, we paid to register for a VAT number and for Taxually’s services (a VAT compliance tax firm).

We now have a German VAT number, and have our VAT returns automated and filed by Taxually.

However we’ve been told that our VAT return for the last quarter is zero, even though we had exported thousands of euros of products to Germany. Taxually explained: since Amazon is remitting the tax for the customers, we do not receive a return.

This is obviously disappointing, and we feel like uneducated idiots for having gone through this entire process.

So I’m hoping somebody knows the answer to some questions we have:

  1. In what situations would we be entitled to receive a VAT refund? Is it even possible?
  2. Is it necessary for us to have a German VAT number since Amazon is remitting the tax?

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