Looking for a tool/plugin to do layer-based image rendering, usable by customers.

Hey everyone,

Hopefully I've come to the right place in asking for help with this.

I run a small online store (just my partner and I, only about 10 products) via Big Cartel.

Currently I'm designing a new product that's essentially a customizable business card with pre-determined graphical elements on multiple layers.

These layers are things like a background image, a foreground image, a border/frame on the card, and so forth. I already have the images they can select from, and the layers.

I want my customers to be able to open a web app where they can 'build their own card' by selecting a layer, then selecting from a list of graphics for that layer.

In addition to these layers and graphics, they will also have a few text fields they can enter custom text (I will be setting the font, position, etc on my end via such an app)

Then, once they've built their card, they can submit it, I receive the order with details about their selections, and send it to print and ship it.

Is there anything that can help me build such an app, and that will integrate into BC?

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