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Help me with my Company's Marketing

Hi, I'm a manufacturer in beauty niche. I've been working a lot of small to medium brands. Mostly we white label our stuff for them. I've been working for last 10 years. My marking strategy was to attend trade shows and fairs to talk to clients. But Covid turned the things upside down. So, I decided to make my presence online more appealing. I invested in a good website and social media accounts mainly fb and insta. But I don't have much of a success with them.

Insta is at 1200 followers. Website has around 1000 traffic monthly and fb page has around 500 follows. This is all over the past year. Then I decided to try Alibaba and created an account there but didn't had much luck there too. People just don't trust anyone new and want cheap crap instead. Moreover the volume they want is too low. If you guys can direct me to the right direction then I'll be thankful.

Things are pretty stumped right now. As of now I'm thinking about starting email campaigns and cold emailing. I've been cold DMing people in fb and insta and it's considered spam. Also no big clients there.


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