Help! Facebook Commerce Holding ALL Orders For Days Now

I'm losing my mind trying to sort this out. I use Shopify for my site and have it connected to FB (Meta, whatever) Commerce so that people can buy directly from my FB or Insta pages. It's worked fine for months. Orders come in, I manage them on Shopify. They're typically held for 30 mins when places thru FB to let customers cancel. Once they're off hold, I process them and put in tracking, which then releases the payment from the customer to me.

But starting Wednesday afternoon all orders that come thru FB just stay on hold. It says the same thing- order on hold blah blah, which keeps me from being able to do anything to the order. Can't fulfill, can't add tracking, can't cancel, can't refund. Tried Shopify chat and they looked at it and said until FB take the hold OFF, nothing can be done. So I went on FB Commerce and used that chat. They had me add myself as an admin but that changed nothing. They sent it to an internal specialist team, gave me a case #. Today they emailed saying it was fixed but it still isn't.

I spoke with one customer who's order is held and she can't even access her order to cancel it. The money is just being held by FB for no reason and no one seems to be able to fix it. Over 50 orders, damn near 1K in money just sitting in limbo. I am furious and it is screwing up my business and income and making me look like a shady seller.

Anyone experienced this and know how to fix it perhaps?

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