Shopify capital fucked us…where can we get a small loan now?

So in march they offered us a loan an we took it to improve our packing and stuff. Paid it back and got offered again with loan amount being doubled.

Took it again.

Our Facebook ads threshold was also approaching but we decided to not pay Facebook and use that money for supplies and pay Facebook with next Shopify loan as it would be a bigger amount this time too.

I jokingly said to my partner, what if we repay Shopify in full and they don't offer a new loan this time lol.

And that's what happened,

Facebook has stopped our ads and we don't have money to repay, All our revenue comes from Facebook ads.

We tried kabbage, payability, lwoca but they all say the monthly rev should be 20k + plus we only need 5-10k and I guess that's not worth it for them maybe.

So what's the fastest way to get a loan between 5-10k in the UK?

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