Inventory/sku management

Always lurking here and learning but need some help. So I run an ecommerce site in woocommerce and shipstation.

Looking to have better picking accuracy since we have close to 2500 SKUs and many of the items only slightly vary by just a single letter and typically only 15-30 of each sku available at a time. Very small items.

We do about 100 orders a day and just trying to prevent shipping out the incorrect item which causes another SKUs inventory level to be off. About to launch into another vertical and expect another 250-500 SKUs soon.

Any suggestions on how to properly and cost efficiently share inventory levels (multichannel via 2 woocommerce sites with some cross listing, and have some sort of digital picking system, so that our pickers do not have to be familiar with product lines but instead be directed to aisle/shelf/bin#

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