eCom Owners – Do You Have Competitors? If Yes, Here’s An Easy Way to Steal Their Traffic & Make More $$$ using Google Ads

Greetings Dropshippers, today I will be disclosing a Google Ads tip that'll help you make more money. This strategy is great because it's simple to implement & effective.

It'll target users who browse certain websites which is a great way of building brand awareness and targeting people in the middle of the funnel who know they have a problem & browsing for solutions.

Enough talk, let's do this –

Campaign types for this strategy: Display, Performance Max

Go to Google Ads (switch to Expert Mode if you haven't), go to Audience Manager, Custom Segments & click the Blue Plus button to create a custom segment

From their input your Competitor URL in the "Add Google Search Terms" and press "People Who Searched for Any of These Terms on Google"

Go to your display or Performance Max campaign & add this custom segment to your audiences or asset groups.

That's it – your display or Pmax campaign will now be targeting users who browsed the websites you inputted which can be a phenomenal way to siphon traffic especially if you have a Unique Selling Proposition that makes you better than your competitor SaaS.

This will reduce your CAC because you won't have to deal with top-of-the-funnel users but with someone who is already interested or looking to buy the product(s) that you are selling, you're able to teach them about your brand and show competitive features, simply put lower CAC, more conversions = a lot more $$$ for you

I hope you enjoyed & more importantly implement this tip.

Rule #5 says to disclose affiliation so yah Ruthless Digital is a Google Ads agency for eCommerce

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