Give away a FREE gift, Offering products on discounts, Upselling after successful purchase & Offers on thank you page.

Amazon has reported that cross-selling and upselling makes up as much as 35% of their revenue. Product recommendations are responsible for an average of 10-30% of eCommerce site revenues.

With Shopify, merchants can increase sales and revenue without affecting customer's normal purchase flow by offering products, discounts and gifts with Post Purchase Upsell offers.

Recently one of our merchant earned 43% conversion rate with their one click post purchase upsell offers showing after order completion but before thank you page.

See :

Merchant is using Wizio: Post Purchase Upsell app available on Shopify App store. Where store owner can setup offers to show on thank you page as well. This:

Display multiple offers with different section using easy to use thank you page editor available.

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