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Hello guys. I have a loyalty program SaaS focused on small retail. We nailed our first client back in 2018. We were going in a steady pace and if the growth were to continue both me and my partner (CEO) would be able to make a living 100% our product. We bootstrapped. After Covid we lost tons of clients (Around 90%) and did a deep dive into our project. After a while of soul searching we noticed that the onboarding is too long, CAC high and subscription cost this audience is willing to pay is rather low. The churn is a problem, but not the biggest one.

What we want to do? Pivot to a market that has more cash flow and tech maturity. The big question is which one.

We want to provide our tech to other startups, but we want to specialize in a market. As of now we are between these 3: Fintechs, Mobile Delivery Aps and Marketplaces [Web2 & 3] (With high recurrence).

3 Questions:

1 – What do you think of this pivot a whole?

2 – Out of the 3 which market do you think is more compelling?

3 – Any VC suggestions?

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