Transitioning from B&M to e-commerce. Newsletter signups.

I don’t have a true brick and mortar store. The pandemic spawned a unique business model for me. We sell closeout, returns, general liquidation items.

Our company found great success listing and selling on Facebook Marketplace exclusively and setting up pickup times for buyers to come and buy. This has worked great so far, but for a few reasons has become more difficult as we have scaled.

In Canada, we don’t have a shipping option for Facebook Marketplace so we handle it ourselves taking payments and handling shipping ourselves. Many people find us trustworthy as we have a huge amount of 5 star reviews. Again, this is becoming more difficult as we scale. We want to expand our reach to a wider area within the province with shipping.

I want to move our business to a website that I am building on WordPress. I chose WordPress as it allows for a lot more customizing that I want to do that I may cover later. I have experience with WordPress and building online stores, but not the marketing and “remarketing” side of things.

I have some questions regarding newsletters and email signups.

Obviously I want to gather emails that I can use to send special offer and deals. However I am not sure how to handle multiple lists. On my site I will have a “deal of the week” which I will be branding it with a name that goes with our site’s name when I finalize that. I want to have a separate signup on that page to signup for the deal of the week. I also what to have a signup on the main page for our newsletter (special offers, new arrivals, etc)

Would it be better, based on your experience, to include the deal of the week with the newsletter, or have two separate lists? Is there any benefit to having one or two?

I was also looking to have a feature to get emailed when an item is back on stock. Automatically also signing them up for a newsletter would be a big No no, correct ? Unless it has an extra checkbox or something ?

Thanks in advance. I’ve lurked here for years and am excited to move our business online.

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