Why do so many brands sleep on #eBay?

Why do so many brands sleep on #eBay?

While #Amazon leads the pack with 68 million average monthly searches #eBay is nothing to sneeze at with 45 million.

That's an additional 66% more traffic that brands of all sizes can start selling to TODAY and #AdLaCart can help in the process!

#eBay is a great opportunity for smaller brands looking to expand to new channels because like Amazon, it's easy for even smaller brands, to get approved to sell on #eBay unlike other Retail Media platforms such as #WalmartConnect and #Target

Brands have even less reason to not sell on #eBay since the 2019 launch of their Managed Delivery end-to-end fulfillment service, similar to #AmazonFBA

Did I mention #eBay commissions are LESS than on #Amazon? What's not to love?

There were serval key differences between the competition on #Amazon and #eBay but having worked within each platform these two stood out the most:

1) The (on average) poor quality of product listings
– This is just an opportunity to outshine the existing listings competing in your category, which won't be a challenge here.

2) An overwhelming amount of 3rd party sellers
-You're kidding yourself if you think there are no grey sellers flipping your products on eBay and this is an issue for more reasons than you may think…

-There's no telling how much that's taking from your sales on other channels.

-Most critically you've got the issue of someone representing your brand who you haven't authorized and this can negatively impact the brand you've worked so hard to build.

Now you might be thinking "Great more fires to put out, wish I wouldn't have read this novel of a post and stayed blissfully unaware"

But what if I told you through a few simple and straightforward steps you could reign in your brand in what can seem like the wild west of retail media?

You can mitigate this by reaching out to #eBaySeller to help and police unauthorized sellers via their Verified Rights Owner Program. And for some odd reason, I've always found it to be easier to work with seller help if I'm already selling on and spending money with eBay, go figure?

But the best way is to have a better price, listing & shipping, #eCommerce 101 right? Well, many grey sellers missed that class and will simply move on to the next low-hanging fruit once you've been established on #eBay and reclaim your brand.

Reach out to learn how #AdLaCart can help your brand see if expanding to eBay or other #RetailMedia channels is the right move for you! Also ask how we can help improve sales, #TACoS and #NewToBrand customers on your existing #AmazonBusiness !

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