How do I sell my E-commerce store?

I started an E-commerce brand about 3 months ago. A pheromone perfume brand. So far it has done really well with TikTok organic and just some testing with TikTok ads. About 140k USD in sales so far. But I have hit some personal issues and I want to sell my store. It has a TikTok page with almost 50k followers, instagram with about 18k followers, the product name is trademarked. It has a lot going for it. I also have 9000+ units of the product in a 3PL facility in the US and about 15k currently in production and 2 new fragrance ranges about to be launched 10k units each. I have/had really great plans for the brand. But I don’t have the capacity to move forward anymore.

Not sure this kind of post is allowed.

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