Looking for some advice on food contact safety with Chinese manufacturers for UK trading

I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with Chinese manufacturers on Ablibaba. We have queried about wanting to bulk buy plastic food containers which are suitable as a food contact material for trading in the UK. This is our experience so far when wanting to find out about the certifications they have regarding food safety and UK regulations:

Manufacturer 1:

“Are your products EU & US regulated?”

Manufacture: “Yes”

“Do you have product test certificates that you can share?”

Manufacture: “If you want we can apply for those certificates, but it will cost you for certification”

Manufacturer 2:

“This product can pass the food safety certification… But we don't have a certificate”

Manufacturer 3:

“we have FDA LFGB”

(this was a full answer after requesting all proof of any certification they have that are relevant to the UK market.)

All these responses do no not give me the confidence to proceed any further due to claiming extra costs for certificates and lack of detail in responses, despite requesting proof of certifications.

How does this compare to other peoples experiences and what do you think are the necessary responses I should be looking for regarding certificates and general conversation?

Many thanks.

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