A good foundation but what to do now? Just leaving money on the table everywhere

I feel like I have created a foundation and opportunity to do a few things but have no idea what do it which direction to go in with confidence. I’m open and happy to receive recommendations.

•I started a clean beauty Ecom retail store and closed it so I have roughly 500 niche followers but don’t know what to do with it now that store is closed.

•I have a Tiktok account with roughly 10k in the music niche don’t know what to do with it

•I have an established Etsy account which I was using for POD but can’t afford to scale it that way. I’m currently trying to do templates so any advice on this would be great.

•I currently buy and sell off FB marketplace flipping furniture so I’m generating some income from that and collectible coins and cards on eBay at roughly $500 a week.

The hustle is there but I just have so much untamed energy and not enough creativity or something. Any input appreciated

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