Beginner Advice? What do I need? What would you tell yourself if you could go back?

I recently discovered Shopify and see a lot of younger people my age making life changing money. I've looked into it and want to go all in. I haven't felt this passionate about something for a long time; I fully believe I can create a six figure business. I am seeking advice to minimize losses and maximize potential. My store is going to be a 1 product store, well most likely 3 product hybrid store which are all essentially the same 1 product. I believe this product (if scaled properly) is no doubt successful.
I am fulfilling using Alibaba not AliExpress. AliExpress does not seem profitable. And I will not be drop-shipping because shipping times would take too long from AliBaba. With that being said, it looks like I am going to do a branded store. My computer skills are decent but my website design is not great. I am going to hire someone on Fiverr for the design and a creative video (although part of me is worried they will steal my idea??) . I am a student on a budget so I cant be paying for multiple apps but I still plan on getting a few. Any recommendations? Which apps are MUST HAVE for a successful business? Also, i'm worried because this business is not yet official (no business license or llc). Is this a problem? I obviously want to see some success first before paying for these documents. Do I need them immediately to avoid getting posts taken down or accounts deleted? Like I mentioned, I want to create a brand for this product, am I suppose to trademark the name or something? I plan on using websites like Google, TikTok, Facebook, etc… and do not want to run into issues. Anything else I should be aware of? Please let me know, thank you!

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